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Greece’s Fire Service announces opening of firefighting season 2019

The Greek Fire Service has announced the opening of the firefighting season 2019. The firefighting season that in fact forbids the setting of fires outdoors runs from May 1 until October 31.

Calling on citizens to avoid anything that would start a fire, the Fire Service published a list of things citizens should avoid, when outdoors.

Among the things to avoid are:

the use of equipment that releases sparks

barbecue in the forest or in areas where there are dry woods

smoking of bee hives

burning trash and tree branches

leaving trash in forest and land areas, especially glass

parking in areas with dry greens

Caution is also for the disposal of cigarettes and matches.

The Fire Service urges citizens to call <199> or <112> in case they are aware of a wildfire in forest or other land areas.

Each and every year the natural wealth of Greece is threatened by forest fires that are favored by the high temperatures and strong winds that prevail during the summer months.

Statistically, the majority of forest fires occurring each year are due to human negligence.

The wildfires do not threaten only the natural wealth of the country, though. Last summer, 100 people lost their lives in Mati, just 30 km east of capital Athens, after a huge wildfire came down from the mountain when a man burned branches on a day with powerful winds.

Fire Service press release here in Greek.

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