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Greece’s weather gone crazy: Snow falls in May (video, picts)

The weather in Greece has obviously gone crazy. Beginning of May and some landscapes in the country look as if they are still in January. Heavy snowfalls were recorded in North-Western Greece on Tuesday morning in Nymphaio by Florina in West Macedonia and some mountainous villages by Ioannina or by Metsovo in Epirus.

Video: Nymphaio by Michalis Tsirlis

The chairman of Syrrako village by Ioannina  Nikos Gizas posted some of the pictures he shot this morning.

According to the National Observatory of Athens, very low temperatures were recorded in the ski resorts of the country.

In Kaimaktsalan -4.2 degrees Celsius, on Parnassus -1.9 C and Vasilitsa at -1 degree Celsius.

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