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Supreme Court prosecutor appeals furlough denial for convict Koufontinas

Greece’s top prosecutor ordered late Friday the review of the decision denying 17. November convict Dimitris Kourontinas a furlough. The move by Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou comes with Koufontinas on hunger-strike since beginning of May and hospitalized in intensive care since Friday.

Dimitriou’s reasoning for the appeal is that all life convicts who have served a specific detention time are entitled to be granted furlough.

Furthermore, she noted in her appeal that the Judicial Council in Volos that rejected Koufontinas’ seventh furlough request interpreted incorrectly the provisions of the Correctional Code.

The Council had rejected the convict’s request saying among others that he had not regretted his actions.

61-year-old Dimitris Koufontinas was the top killer of terror organization 17. November. He was sentenced to life imprisonment 11 times.

He said said that he would continue his hunger-strike “to the end.”

Denying his furlough request has triggered a wave of attacks against the offices of ruling SYRIZA, police squads and the residence of the US Ambassador in Athens by his far-left supporters. They claimed that the USA has put pressure on Greek authorities to deny furlough.

Dimitriou’s appeal is to be discussed soon by the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court. If the appeal is upheld, the case will be discussed again in the Volos court with another composition. Otherwise, if the appeal is not accepted, Dimitris Koufodinas will not be granted a furlough.

The decision is expected on upcoming Tuesday.

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