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Greece EU elections 2019 – Exit Polls: Which party leads? (UPD)

One minute after the ballot boxes closed and the procedures for European, local and regional elections concluded, pollsters published exit polls they had conducted earlier, during the elections day.

Exit Polls: European Elections 2019

New Democracy 30%-33.5-%

SYRIZA 25.5%-28.5%


Golden Dawn 6%-8%

KKE 5%-7%

Greek Solution (, far-right, nationalists) 2.5%-3.5%

Potami  1.5%-2.5%

Independent Greeks (ANEL) 1.5%-2.5 %

MεRA25 (Varoufakis) 2.5%-3.5%

other parties:  %

The Exit Polls were conducted by Kapa Research on behalf of state-run ERT TV.

Exit polls conducted by four pollster companies for private TV channels: SYR – ND – KINAL – KKE – GD – Greek Solution – MeRa25 – To Potami

What is interesting is that none of the polls presents also the party of Centrists’ Union.

It should be noted that Exit Polls are another form of “public opinion surveys” during elections and that the samples were not collected from all 39,000 polling stations across the country.

UPDATE: Exit Polls finals based on 100% of survey results.

ND 34.5 – 32.5% SYRIZA 24-26% KINAL/PASOK 8.2-7.2% KKE 6-5%, Golden Dawn 5-4%, Greek Solution 4.5-2.5%.

Worth noting that according to exit polls results, majority of youth aged 17-24 turned their back to SYRIZA.

They voted for ND with 30.5%, for SYRIZA with 25.6% and for Golden Dawn with 13.3%.

First official results are expected around 9:00 – 9:30 in the evening.

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