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Early elections in Greece on 7. July 2019

“SYRIZA lost a battle but the war still lies ahead,” Prime Minister and party leader Alexis Tsipras said addressing the Central Committee meeting of the party on Monday. “We have neither the luxury nor the right to back down,” he added in an effort to encourage his deeply disappointed comrades after the sweeping victory of conservative New Democracy at the European Parliament elections.

On Sunday night, Tsipras announced snap elections after ND won with a margin of 9%.

Although initial scenarios claimed the date of parliamentary elections would be the 30. June, ti seems that a new date has been set, the 7. July, due to the general exams for university entrance.

This grants SYRIZA one more week to try to close the gap to ND as close as possible.

But will SYRIZA manage this? A new strategy is urgently needed and the party went to May elections without plan B.

“Results fell short of expectations,” Tsipras said on Sunday night, implying that the government did not see the train coming at such high speed.

PS Greek voters will go to ballot boxes with an ugly connotation in their mind: The Referendum on 5. July 2015.

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