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Nikaia: “Illegal” hospital nurse dies in effort to avoid security control

A woman working illegally as “exclusive nurse” for a patient  jumped from the first floor of the hospital in Nikaia, Piraeus, to avoid security control and possible arrest.

The 50-year-old woman from Armenia suffered multiple injuries and died short time after her fall on Saturday morning.

The woman reportedly opened the balcony door and jumped when she heard that security guards of the hospital were conducting controls.

“She was scared and tried to hide but she did not know where. She opened the door and jumped,” eyewitnesses told media.

The woman was working as “exclusive nurse” for a patient.

Apparently she had no residence permit and other legal documents to justify her work at the hospital.

Illegal exclusive nurses are often hired by patients and their relatives in the Greek public hospitals due to personnel shortage but also due to the  high prices one has to pay to  registered exclusive nurses of the hospital.

An illegal exclusive nurse gets paid 50 euro per 10-hour shift whether day or night. She hands out 10-euro to the office that transmits her.

A professional, registered exclusive nurse and member of the union gets paid 57 euro for a 6-hour night shift and 87 euro the same shift  Saturday and Sunday.

For long term hospital stays with the need for a 24-hour exclusive care, guess to whom Greeks would turn to.

Upon pressure of the professional, exclusive nurses union, hospital administrations often increase security controls in order to get rid of the “illegal” nurses.

My to our knowledge, “illegal nurses” get some basic training courses offered to them by the job offices they work with. They are supposedly also registered to social security through the office they work for. They are also supposed to have residence permits.

The issue of “illegal” nurses vs professional nurses is chronic in the Greek public hospitals. But it   cannot be solved through terrorizing the “illegal nurses.”

As somebody who had to hire both, I can say that the “illegal nurses” certainly lack medical and other knowledge but they are well trained to provide basic services to patients, mostly on terms of  feeding, personal care etc which are essential for long-term hospital staying.

On the other hand, I would trust more a professional exclusive nurse of medical issues – but who can pay at least 200 euros per week day and double on weekends for 24-hour nurse care?

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  1. michele lavender

    Poor woman,to be so terrified,politicians and companies commit terrible crimes and get away with it,knife killings on the street of innocent people,they get away with it usually,muggings,they get away with it,what has this country come to that the basic people on the bottom of the ladder,working for a pittance,helping bed-bound sick people,doing the job that the state should be doing like washing and changing nappies on someone.Greece has long been famous for…oh bring in a relative or pay a woman to wash and turn a loved one in a state run hospital even though the SOMEONE has paid into the system all their lives,thats their end,find a slave or rot in the bed because the state does not do the job that people pay for all their lives,SHAME on that hospital and the security guards who were hounding her.

  2. michele lavender

    Im very sorry but I need to add more to my previous post,Im sitting in my home tonight in total shock about this poor woman and I want to say that we should all ask we have a Gestapo type of state?we seem to have a return to terrible times gone by of brutes running through buildings breaking down doors to drag people away screaming,never to be seen again.Unbelievable!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      cool down. in fact it was Golden Dawn that was chasing “illegal” foreign nurses in 2013, I think. Exactly in the same hospital.

      • michele lavender

        Its not professional to down..its unprofessional.Now it was not Golden Dawn,it was the hospital itself,the security guards and they were were given instructions to run around like Gestapo,better to use their time protecting doctors and nurses from being attacked by angry patients which would seem to be a rather serious problem in state hospitals unfortunately.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          it’s seems you ‘re confusing some things and put everything in one bag. Security guards definitely do not “run around like Gestapo.” have you been to a Gr hospital lately?

  3. michele lavender

    Its not professional to say COOL DOWN