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One dead near wildfire area in Fyli, West Athens

A 48-year-old man was found unconscious in the yard of a factory near the wildfire in Fyli area in West Athens on Sunday afternoon. Paramedics of an ambulance tired to revive him but without success. He was transferred to a hospital in Athens where doctors only confirmed his death.

According to media, the man had no visible burning injuries. An autopsy will show whether he died after inhaling wildfire fumes or the cause of death were pathological reasons.

The father of one was reportedly working as security guard in one of the many factories in the area.

The fire broke out at Sunday noon in an area of low vegetation near the Fyli landfill.

According to latest but unconfirmed information, near they landfill were also tires that were burned and the man died after inhaling the fumes.

Another wildfire broke in the same area also on Saturday, however, it was quickly taken under control.

The Fire Service has been struggling to extinguish the fire with dozens of firefighters and aerial means. However, the strong winds do not make their work easy.

Another wildfire broke out in Kypseli on the island of Aigina early Sunday afternoon.

Wildfires have broke out also in Larani on the island of Crete and in a forest area of Kalavryta, North-West Peloponnese.

Greece’ Civil Protection and the Fire Service have been warning of “very high risk of wildfires” in the last few days but also for today, Sunday, and tomorrow, Monday, due to powerful winds blowing with intensity of 6 Beaufort and high temperatures.

Wildfires are a frequent phenomenon during the summer months in Greece, they take human lives and destroy thousands of forest acres each year.

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