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Tragic end for US biologist Suzanne Eaton missing on Crete UPD

Tragic end for missing US biologist Suzanne Eaton. Her body in a cave in Xamoudohori of Platanias Municipality on Monday night.

The body of the 60-year-old woman was found 10 km away from the location where she went missing on July 2, 2019.

As soon as the body was found, police isolated the broader area as all scenarios about the causes of her death are open. Police investigates also the possibility of a criminal act.

The body was reportedly found by citizens and it was laying on the belly just a few meters inside the artificial cave, a German bunker.

The clothes are the same with those belonging to Eaton, yet her identification by her relatives was still due.

According to local media flashnews, “the big question is how the woman was found so far away from the original location where she went missing, that is a distance of about 10 km, which is difficult to cover on foot, unless there is a vehicle involved. The area is totally unrelated to the radius of the area in which she went missing.”

According to local media, authorities immediately informed Eaton’s sons about the finding. The sons had traveled to the island of Crete once their mother went missing and were participating in the search operation.

Suzanne Eaton went missing in Kolymbari by Chania on July 2.

Suzanne Eaton, a biologist at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany, was attending a conference at the premises of the Orthodox Academy. She was last seen on Tuesday afternoon.

When her missing was reported to authorities two days later, a big search operation was launched by land, sea and the air.

A Silver Alert for missing adults was issued.

Her family had an award of $50,000 for any information.

Police investigation continues under big secrecy. The body is reportedly in an area not easy to access and its recovery was not concluded by Tuesday afternoon.

UPDATE July 10: The body was identified to belong to Suzanne Eaton late on Tuesday afternoon.

The bunker where the body was found – picture via

According to latest information by local media, a special forensics team of the Greek Police is to arrive from Athens.

The body is to be transferred to Rethymnon morgue where an autopsy is expected to shed light into the causes of Eaton’s death.

Check the Update: Suzanne Eaton definitely a victim of criminal act,” says coroner after autopsy on Wednesday.

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