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Tsitsipas – When you’re 21 and sexist balls explode in your head

Greek Tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas was obvious angry about the parking skills of some Greek woman. The man who reportedly is spending his summer vacations on the island of Corfu, expressed his anger in a tweet.


Wonder “if those who park miserably have dirty dishes,” he wrote.

The 21-year-old did nothing else that displaying the same Greek macho attitude who often shout at female drivers “Go wash dishes.” Even if driving and wash dishes have nothing to do with each other, except that in the mind of machos a woman should stay in the kitchen.

Tsitsipas tweet triggered a storm of outrage.

He deleted his sexist tweet but in times of technology, some had predicted this and took screen shots.

“I will show your tweet as an example of a young man thinking like an old man,” a woman wrote adding that he deprived her of the joy of spending the nights watching him playing tennis.

“what is written cannot be deleted. Two sexist stereotypes in the price of one. Sad, I was wiating better by young people.”

“[…] He may win 100 titles but with such attitude he will never becomes a great athlete.”

Tsitsipas has not officilly reacted to the outrage yet.

Tsitsipas’ sexist tweet went viral in Greek media.

PS Before heading to Iceland, he can hide his head in a basket full ice-cold water and aplogize -at least. scripta manet

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  1. SHAME Stefane! You hsve just damaged you good profile. Good luck with your new macho image. 😠