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Civil Protection withdraws sexist anti-crowding spot following outrage

Greece’s Civil Protection was forced to take down a campaign spot with sexist content in which it was urging Greeks to avoid crowding and socializing outdoors amid the pandemic. The spot broadcast on Saturday triggered an outrage due to its content featuring a young woman as irresponsible, superficial and ignorant. …

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PETITION to kick sexist, fascist Polish MEP out of the EP

International Women’s Day?  A member of the the European Parliament, Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke said that women should earn less because they “are weaker, smaller and less intelligent”! On another occasion, the European (?) Korwin-Mikke had made the Nazi salute in the EP chamber. Let’s have the EP send this …

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Sex or Politics? “To Potami” under heavy criticism for two sexist election spots

To Potami, the party of former TV star and aspiring politician Stavros Theodorakis, came under heavy criticism even by its own members for publishing two election spots with clearly tacky and sexist content. The videos featuring a young and a middle-aged woman have them talk for 40 seconds  in what …

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