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PETITION to kick sexist, fascist Polish MEP out of the EP

International Women’s Day?  A member of the the European Parliament, Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke said that women should earn less because they “are weaker, smaller and less intelligent”! On another occasion, the European (?) Korwin-Mikke had made the Nazi salute in the EP chamber. Let’s have the EP send this sexist hater back to the village he came from. After all it is us, the European women and citizens,  who pays his thick tax-free salary plus benefits.

Sign the petition to the President of the EU Parliament and to all MEPs:

“We ask the European Parliament to suspend the Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke following his hateful remarks about women and migrants, and after making a Nazi salute in the chamber. These acts are in violation of the Parliament’s rules and betray the values of the entire EU which our Parliament is elected to defend.”

A member of the European Parliament just said that women should earn less because they “are weaker, smaller and less intelligent”! If we act right now, we can kick this hater out.

This same Polish MEP has used the Parliament to spread hate: comparing migrants to “excrements” and making a Nazi salute in the chamber! So far he has been sanctioned with symbolic fines, but now Parliament is running an investigation and if enough of us ask for his full suspension, we can make it happen.

The decision could come *any moment*. Sign now, and for International Women’s Day today, let’s urge our MEPs to kick this sexist, racist hater out of Parliament.


Janusz Ryszard Korwin-Mikke, 74, is a Polish politician and writer, and the founder of the right-wing libertarian and Eurosceptic political party Coalition for the Renewal of the Republic – Liberty and Hope.

The Polish MEP had been caught on camera telling shocked MEPs: “Women must earn less than men because they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent. They must earn less, that’s all.”

On the International Women’s Day, host Piers Morgan invited Korwin-Mikke on his show Good Morning Britain. Morgan attacked the Polish MEP  live on air over his sexist views calling him a “horrendous sexist pig“.

After demanding to know why the politician had made those comments, Piers got steadily more angry at Korwin-Mikke’s views.

“I only said that because they are shorter, they are weaker and less intelligent they are less aggressive, they earn less,” said the Polish lawmaker.

“By the way, a shorter man earns less than a tall man. The blonde earns more than a brunette. They are different, and it should not be equalised.”

He then turned to ‘science’ in a bid to back up his claims, explaining that “it is proved” women are “less intelligent by several points on the IQ scale”.

At one point during the fraught exchange, Piers told him that he was a “horrendous sexist pig” – prompting Korwin-Mikke to brand Piers an “idiot” for not believing in science.

Due to his provocative statements from Holocaust to Paralympics and from rape to Nazi salute, the sexist, racist and fascist MEP has been fined  and suspended several times by the European Parliament.

Now it’s time he goes home for good.


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  1. He is right about a few things, though. Tall men usually earn more than shorter men, and taller male political candidates almost without exception collect more votes than shorter men — regardless of any other characteristics. It is also true that women doing the same work earn much less than men; equally, gay men earn less than [putatively] straight men.
    However, the conclusion that one can draw from all of this is that human beings are ignorant and stupid animals, who follow social codes similar to those of monkeys. That is how Trump got elected. Anyone who draws the conclusion that it is “natural” that women should be paid less than men, is actually claiming that the human species is a useless and ignorant mammal incapable of philosophical thought or civilised behaviour. Come to think of it, that actually does sum up the useless specimens of creatures that occupy the extreme Right…

    • People should be paid according to the requirements of the job and no distinction should be made between sexes, race, body length or whatever. It is true though that there are differences between men and women. For some jobs women are better suited and for some other jobs men are better suited but it is not all that clear cut. But for the same job requirements and qualifications the reward should be equal.
      I don’t see what Trump has to do with this. For sure some people voted for him because he is a man. But also a lot of (republican) women voted for him while there were plenty of democratic men that voted for Clinton. It really has to do with ideology and not with sexism (and with the electoral college). The reason why Trump won was because a lot of people don’t trust Clinton. And also because of Obama. Clinton mostly won the big liberal west and east coast states while Trump won the ignored heartland. Gender had nothing to do with it.

      • Trump was elected by stupid people who failed to see that he is a crook, who treats his own staff very badly, a liar, a sexist, a racist and a pig of a creature. He even looks like a pig, yet they voted for him.
        And it has nothing at all to do with ideology. You write a load of crap about politics all the time. Trump has no ideology as stated: he is a demented narcissist who has manipulated the political system, with talk about Islamic threats and such rubbish. Stupid people believed him. End of story.

        • You write a lot of crap about everything all the time. End of story of that. If you think that the American political debate in their society is not ideological then you are the fool that you expose yourself to be all the time.
          Call Trump for what he is -a narcissist, a crook, a racist, without ideology, making use of the political system, etc. but the social and political fight going on in American society is ideological: it is the deranged SJW marxist left vs. free market, small government, conservative, nationalist right. But that is just the fight between people in society. And it is Clinton that made Trump possible. Her “pied piper” strategy on discrediting the GOP by focusing in Trump back fired on her.
          At the sidelines and above them watching it all is the ‘Deep State’ and the intelligence community which is actually also deeply divided along ideological lines. Let’s not even mention the press which is deeply infested by the left and distorts the truth all the time. This all doesn’t matter because America is a train wreck heading for a cliff. The FED will raise interest rates soon which will put in motion the mother of all financial cluster f*cks.
          In the end, societies are ruled by those who control the money stream and often their are not ideological at all.

          • Unlike you, who thinks he is expert on everything when he knows nothing, I do not claim expertise on US politics. But it is clear to everyone other than you that there is no presence of the marxist left in the USA. You are completely cuckoo. Your own political ideology is incoherent and seems largely founded on “anti-communism” — the general mentality of fools from the old Comnmunist bloc. Do not presume to tell others who actually have expertise your crackpot ideas. Just keep your opinions as your own loopy opinions, and stop claiming some sort of high level of competence.

          • First you say you don’t claim to be an expert while on several occasions you say you are and then you end by saying you are an expert.
            There is no marxism left in the US? Woehahaha, by saying that you you obviously prove you are the crackpot. Marxism is alive and well at US colleges. Mind you, racism and the KKK are also very much alive in the US.
            The Frankfurter school (which is a form of marxism) penetrated the colleges and has raised generations of crackpot leftist college professors that are intolerant of any other opinion than their own and who are against free speech. Seen what has happened lately in Berkeley and other colleges? Conservatives and whoever speaks what the SWJ crowd deems unwanted get banned, harassed, violated, etc.
            These SJW who are nothing less than bourgeois idealists are just a bunch of foot soldiers for diehard marxists. They decry capitalism but loooove their iphones and internet connection. They use a variety of ‘noble causes’ to further their agenda in disguise. Women’s march? Some of these organizers were convicted of terrorism and crimes. One of them killed two students in Israel and went to jail for it. Another one is connected to either Hamas, Hezbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood (don’t remember exactly which one). One of them kidnapped and tortured an old man to death somewhere in the 90s. They paid for their crimes? Perhaps but do you really want folks like that to lead your demonstration?
            The likes of Bill Ayers (whom Obama had invited to the WH and they met frequently before that) are still very much alive and active.
            So I should keep my opinions to myself then, should I? Why don’t you call for censorship like you have done in the past? Like SJW in the US and Europe do.
            As usual you cannot answer with facts, logic and reason but with personal insult which really says more about you than about me.
            Marxism dead in America, whoehahaha.

          • Garbage from begining to end. When I have specialised expertise I state it explicitly. You are too dumb to notice what I actually write, and think that your interpretation is more important than other people’s factual accuracy.

          • Your expertise is writing non-sense, insult people and calling for censorship of opinions you don’t like.
            “Marxism is dead in America”. What the hell was Obama -your hero- then? You should follow his history from growing up in a dysfunctional crackpot commie family to his college years to his work as a ‘community activist’. Everything I wrote about the women’s march (which has been high jacked) and about US colleges can easily be verified. These are facts but you never liked facts very much because they get in the way of your SJW narrative.

          • Listten here, my little troll. I will tell you what my expertise is, and you can fucking well pay attention instead of trying to impose your fascist ideas on everyone else. And you wouldn’t recognise a fact if it bit you on the ass. Your approach to thinking is that of a far right ideologue — accusing anyone who disagrees with your extremist views of being “communist”.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            remember we said ‘we criticize without using no-no words’? Otherwise, these words create a load of work for me + a dilema whether to allow such a post or not.

  2. He never was serious…

  3. Those who cry for the removal of a man elected by the people, simply because they disagree, they are the true fascists. We’ve had quite enough of their crusade against anything opposed to their globalism, and sooner or later they will be shown up for the hysterical power-drunk maniacs (and yes, fascists) they are. They use the word democracy but then demand the extralegal removal of an elected official. The people are allowed to choose as long as they choose the way theyre told to, as far as theyre concerned. enough of them already!

    • Ah, the well-known trick of modern fascists: calling everyone who disagrees with fascism a fascist! Yes, we know this game. You are not interested in democracy or the rule of law, so stop pretending that you are. Let’s see whether the world’s population is as stupid as the Germans (and some others) were in the 1930s.