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Golden pension of 23,000 euros per month for notary

In Greece of meanwhile overcome economic crisis there have been golden pensions of 23,000 euros per month. Entitled for this “astronomic” pension amount for Greek realities was a notary in 2018.

A document from the Social Security Fund EFKA was obtained and published by daily Ta Nea on Tuesday.

According to the document dated July 10, 2018, the retired notary was entitled to receive €23,000 per month.

The document states that “a notary with retirement earnings of 40,648.30 euros and paid social security insurance contributions amounting 7,804,473.80 euros under the new law and the principle of reciprocity will receive a gross pension of: 23,008.84 euros.”

According to the so-called Katrougalos Law that reformed and cut pensions in 2016, no upper cap was set for claimed pensions and so some pensions of such height were issued.

Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis stopped the issuing of such pensions, but some were already issued and the ministry could not stop them, media report.

Now, the government is looking for ways to put a ceiling on pensions and this will be done with a provision to be filed. The Minister has announced changes in the recalculation of pensions so that such phenomena are not repeated.


Notaries pay social security contributions rates according to their earnings, and so do also journalists, lawyers and some other professions that pay a hell of a lot of money.

Even if spectacular, the notary had paid more than 7 million euros in contributions.

How much should be paid back in form of pension?

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