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Tourists injured when speedboat explodes in Halkidiki (video)

A mother and her two underage daughters were injured when an explosion occurred on a high-speedboat exploded in Halkidiki peninsula on Sunday. Some media report that the engine exploded and other that it was the tank.

The accident occurred when the speed boat was sailing off Agios Ioannis beach by  Nikiti on the second leg of the peninsula.

The explosion threw one child in the air, the other passengers jumped into the water, eye witnesses told media.

Swept away by the sea stream, the burning speedboat stranded at the beach, with swimmers and sunbathers rushing to extinguish the fire and help the passengers.

The 5-member family from Serbia was having summer vacations with their speedboat in Halkidiki.

The 37-year-old mother and her two daughters aged 4 and 14 were transferred to Thessaloniki where they were hospitalized.

The youngest girl had suffered light burn injuries on the thighs, the mother a broken toe, local media report.. The oldest child had a few bruises and was released from the hospital after receiving first aid.

The father and the third child of the family remained unharmed.

Father Ivan Filippovitch thanked everyone who rushed to help him and his family.

The Port Authority said in a statement that a total of 5 people were on board of the high-speed boat with Serbian flag and that no marine pollution was reported.

Authorities investigate the cause of the explosion.

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