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Volunteers rescue dozens of animals from Evia fire, some need foster

Volunteers from animal welfare organizations did not hesitate a moment and rushed to the forest fire on Evia to rescue animals: farming animals, domesticated, strays, wildlife. Many need now a foster home even for a week or so.

Tuesday afternoon, members of ART – Animal Rescue Team arrived in the area and tried to save as many innocent lives as they could.

They worked for hours for rescue animals from a pen surrounded by a fire front that would not ease.

Some, like the goose – down right on the picture – could not make it. They had succumbed to the thick smog that was creating a suffocating atmosphere.

Other volunteers through the network Dog’s Voice came also to the area. The Fire Service did not allow them to approach certain areas on Wednesday morning, though, as the fire was not extinguished and was reviving form time to time.

Nevertheless, the net work NGO consisting of veterinarians and volunteers will set up a veterinary aid station in Halkida and in Psachna where animals that have survived the forest fire can be treated and find a temporary home.

Dog’s Voice has a questionnaire for people who would like to foster an animal in case it is needed. The questionnaire/form of interest is in Greek. It asks name/surname., phone number and e-mail, area of residence (Attica, Evia or other). Also if other animals live at home (male dog, cat etc) and what kind of animal one would like to foster for 1 or 2 weeks or a month and “other”.

If you want to submit your interest, I would propose you write in “Other” box.

It should be noted that the area has farmers and animal breeders and locals from four villages were evacuated on Tuesday.

Dog’s Voice on Facebook is here.


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