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Hero Army Sergeant rescues man hanging from home balcony (video)

A dramatic rescue in Xanthi: an elderly man is hanging over the balcony of his home in the center of Xanthi in Northern Greece. His wife is screaming for help. Passersby are watching not knowing what to do. Until a sergeant of the Greek Army takes action.

Sergent Christos Giaourakis breaks the doors and gets into the desperate man’s home. He grabs the man for a few seconds until other residents rushed in and help him pull the man over the balcony edge and in safety.

However, the the adventure for the elderly man is not over. He suffers a heart attack. It was again Sergeant Giaourakis who saved his life with first aid and revival until the ambulance came.

The man was reportedly doing some work on the balcony when he lost his balance.

The military soldier was walking with his children in the area when he heard the unfortunate man call for help. Speaking to the Ena Channel television station, he explains, seeing a man hanging from the balcony was immediately mobilized. He left his children in a store in the area and ran to help the unfortunate man.

“I was returning home with my two children when I heard the screams,” Giaourakis who was off duty on that day told local ENA TV. “I broke the door of the building entrance, climbed to the third floor where I broke the apartment door. I went to the balcony and managed to grabbed the man from the back. ”

As for the first aid to the man who suffered a heart attack, he said “I applied the technique we constantly learn in the army. I brought him back and waited for the ambulance to come.”

The Fire Service had also rushed to the incident, however, it did not need to intervene.

The elderly was transferred to the General Hospital in Xanthi. According to doctors, the condition of his health is not of particular concern, local media xanthinea report.

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