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Forest fires on Zakynthos, Evia and West Greece; 60 fires in 24 hours

A series of forest and wild fires broke out in Greece on Friday mobilizing dozens of firefighters and several aerial means.

Two fires broke out on the island of Zakynthos in the areas of Lagadakia and Romiri.

Video: Fire in Lagadakia

Hardly had the firefighter managed to set the fire in Lagadakia under control, they had to rush to Romiri where the fire broke out in the afternoon.

Both blazes are reportedly under control.

Video: Agrinio fire

Almost at the same time, another fire broke out in the forest area of Skoutera by Agrinio, West Greece. The blaze is not near residential areas. More than 50 firefighters are currently operating with the assistance of aerial means.

The fire broke out in Karystos, South Evia, near an area with wind farms on Thursday night in a difficult to access area. Due to strong winds the fire front extended to 5 kilometers.

Fires broke out in forest areas of Karvelas, Lakonia, Peloponnese, and in Petroto, Domokoy in fthiotida, Central Greece.

Dozens of firefighters are struggling to take the fires under control.

As the north-winds- meltemia- are not forecast to weaken, the Greek Civil Protection has issued a warning for “high risk of fires” for Saturday, September 7, 2019.

Affected are the regions of: Attica, South evia, Chios, Samos, Ikaria, Rhodes and Karpathos.

High temperatures, drought and strong winds create the perfect environment for forest and wild fires that broke out on a daily basis since July.

In the last 24 hours alone, the Fire Service had to intervene in 60 forest fires across the country.

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