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Turkish actor Can Yaman shows “finger” to Greeks from the Acropolis

His fans describe him as extremely handsome and sexy. And maybe he is. Turkish actor Can Yaman is visiting Athens for some public relations reasons, probably a TV series promotion or something. The handsome and sexy Yaman played foul, though, right upon his arrival in the Greek capital.

He went to the Acropolis and posed for a picture raising his middle finger in an inappropriate and most insulting way with the Greek flag on the background.

His beauty and sexiness jumped out of him within seconds; his brain was empty, anyway.

Faced with criticism, he tried to justify the sticky finger claiming that he was trying to push his sunglasses back, Star TV reported.

However, his explanation did not satisfy Greeks. In a life-style morning magazine on ANT1 TV on Wednesday, one of the presenters said:

“We don’t do [such things] when we’re abroad. Nor does he do in his own country. Because if half the Greeks were behind him, he would have his fingers in his pocket and put his sunglasses uptight with both hands. Because we have been afraid to say that we love our country. it doesn’t mean that I’m a fascist when I say I want my country’s symbols to be respected when they come[ to Greece]! As I respect them when I’m there [in their country].”

On social media, many Greeks commented on Yaman’s picture with words that have no place here.

“They are gone nuts. They are nuts all those who think I made a bad gesture,” Yaman said during his interview on Skai TV on Tuesday.

A handsome and sexy coward who does to have the guts to at least stand to what he did.

He later appeared for an interview with a lifestyle magazine on Skai TV.

I don’t know if the magazine presenters asked him about this gesture. I don’t watch lifestyle programs and trash TV.

PS I didn’t know that Turks use their middle finger to bring their glasses in upright position….

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  1. Maybe his max IQ limit?

  2. Another example of odious and boorish behavior on the part of even insignificant Turkish people towards their Greek cousins, following the dictator Turd-ogan’s example. We all know what Can Yammam should really do with that finger, and it has nothing to do with his gl-ASS-es.

    • He may have made the gesture because you misspelled his last name. It is Can Yaman, not Yamam.

    • Maybe he was just using his middle finger to push-up his sunglasses…Leave him alone…good grief!

    • What a disgrace for what supposed to be an
      “Educated” person.
      I agree with the previous remark..
      he knows what to do with his finger…….

    • Idiots, it’s just a style to put his sunglasses… Stop causing more trouble between the Greco-Turkish relationships, it’s time for a change. Can Yaman has visited Greece many times and he wouldn’t do that publicly. It’s just bad timing

  3. Watch some of his shows that is how he pushes his sun glasses up

  4. Sorry Turkey’s hottest actor is #ENGINAKYÜREK 😍

  5. This man needs to return home to Turkey. Very disrespectful.

  6. I believe that he was looking at his finger,you people are making something out of nothing he is a very caring person leave him alone,he is there to be with all of you.

  7. If you knew anything about the actor and actually watched any of his tv shows, you would know that he regularly pushes his sunglasses up this way. Is it right, probably not. But when taken out of context it doesn’t make him a brainless, boorish man.

  8. Let me tell you one thing who think that he do this gesture for insulting so you are wrong because he is looking at his finger and it is very clear that he is doing it to fix his glasses . Stop being stupid and please leave him alone why are you making fuss when he don’t do it intentionally

  9. Nope you got it wrong, he always pushes up his glasses with his middle finger. Why don’t they show photos of him right after this.

  10. shame on you Can,
    you damn jerk,
    Im a Turkish person living in Greece. Greek people are very nice, lovely. Why such a stupid behaviour? what is your problem with Greece?

  11. It is the way fixed his sun glasses. He has that mannerism. And I think showing just only a picture won’t justify it. There are things that story can be twisted with merely few seconds video, it can also in just merely one picture.

  12. You’re right Regan. It doesn’t make him a brainless, boorish man. It makes him a Turk.

    • Its not true, if you followed Can Yaman, you would know he always pushes his sunglasses like that! Plus there were many photos snapped after this one, show how he tried to keep his sunglasses on, as they were falling. His loyal fans know the true and support him, that is most important, not what press gossip about him and make him look bad. Press always does that, as drama is good for ratings. As always little thing is blowned out of proportion.

  13. Whoever took this photo is an opportunistic paparazzi! And yeah! He does this stunt more often in the Erkenci Kus shows. No personal vendetta whatsoever, I believe!

  14. He just pushed his glasses and he normally used his middle finger to do this. Check his previous pictures. My goodness people. One picture doesn’t speaks a lot of the scene. Show the video not the picture. Duh

  15. Will the person who wrote the post recognize he does that frequentely, as many say? Will she look at pictures showing him pushing is glasses that way? Of course not. You have to mantain the old flame alive. Turks…

  16. “PS I didn’t know that Turks use their middle finger to bring their glasses in upright position…”

    Because all turks do the same things…