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Thunderbolts kill 2 men in West Greece, mud floods in Kefalonia (videos)

Thunderbolts have killed two men in West Peloponnese as severe thunderstorms have been striking West Greece since Tuesday morning. Homes and streets were flooded in Ilia Prefecture, large areas without power. On the island of Kefalonia, mud floods covered the streets of seaside village Agia Efthymia.

A 35-year-old man was killed by a thunderbolt in Myrsini, IliaThe man was a national of Bangladesh working in the area. At the time of the storm, he was inside a make-shift cabin together with five other compatriots.

When the storm broke out, he got scared and went outside. It was then when he was hit by the lightning. An ambulance transferred him to the local hospital where doctors could only confirm his death.

In a second tragic incident in West Peloponnese, a 56-year-old man from Bulgaria was killed by a thunderbolt. Together with some other people he was collecting items and clothes in an illegal landfill in Trifylia Municipality in Kyparisia. He died on the spot.

Video: Ilia, West Peloponnese

The heavy storm stroke as forecast in West Peloponnese and the island of the Ionian Sea, turning streets into rivers and flooded large areas.

In the town of Pyrgos, a school principal decided to sent pupils earlier home when the school yard was flooded.

A whirlwind that hit An area in Amadiala caused damages.

Local media report of flooded homes and power outages.


On the island of Kefalonia, the streets of the seaside village of Agia Efthimia were covered by mud due to the extreme weather phenomena that hit the area since Tuesday morning.

Locals complain about a chronic problem in the area due to a nearby stream. “There should have been anti-flood measures, but they have were done,” locals say.

“We have seen this film before,” writes local blogger vlahatasamis.

“Not a drop of rain fell in the village,” notes a local journalist told newsit. “We heard a sound coming from the river and we saw the mud.”

Video: Drakopoulata

In Drakopoulata, another village in Pylaros area, the main road was blocked by mud and other things brought by the flooded river.

Video: Thunderbolt sets palm tree on fire in Lakithra.

According to meteo service of the National Observatory in Athens, a total of 10,500 thunderbolts fell in West Greece on Tuesday morning, until 1 o’ clock noon. 6,988 fell in the sea and 3,655 in the land.

Weather Forecast is to find here.

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