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EMY weather warning: Rain, Storms, Hail and Strong Winds

A bad weather front coming from the North-West will sweep across Greece as of Monday night, September 23, 2019.

The bad weather will bring rainfalls and thunderstorms accompanied by hailstorms and strong winds, the Greek National Meteorological Service EMY warns.

Winds will be blowing with intensity 5-6 Beaufort in the Aegean and locally up to 7 B. In the Ionian Sea, wind intensity will be up to 5 Beaufort.

Monday, Sept 23

Regions affected as of Monday night are initially the Ionian islands.

Over the night to Tuesday, regions affected are: Epirus, West Sterea and West Peloponnese.

Tuesday, Sept 24

As the strong phenomena will weaken in the West, the bad weather front will gradually move to the East and the South.

It will temporarily affect Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace in the noon and afternoon hours.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, it will affect also the islands in the eastern Aegean Sea as well as the Dodecanese.

Wednesday, Sept 25

A general weather improvement is forecast for Wednesday.

On Saturday, September 28, 2019, there is again beach time with sunshine and pleasant air temperatures.

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