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Gov’t change, July elections increased Greeks’ libido, claims Poll

A rather uneblievalble public opinion poll claims that the change of the government in July has increased the Greeks’ libido and sexual performance. In fact, Greeks saw the positive changes in their sexual life already during the elections in July, the survey notes.

The poll on behalf of the Andrology Institute has the title “Return to normality and sexual life” and was conducted among 600 people, 43% women and 57% men.

The participants were divided into age groups: 18-24 year olds (17.33%), 25-34 years old (24.5%), 35-44years old (24.17%), 45-54years old (19.83%) and over   54 years old (14.17%).

For three out of ten (30%) respondents, return to “normality” had a positive impact on their sexual life.

For the overwhelming majority of survey participants, though, it is probably too early to say how their love life was influenced.

58%, or 348 people, did not notice anything has changed so far.

There is also a 13%, however, who said their sexual life was adversely affected.

The key question “how often do you have sex at this period of time”, the results are:

  • 32 people (5.33%) have sex more often than 7 times a week
  • 11.5% have sex 4-6 times a week
  • 26% have sex  2-4 times a week

22.17% (133 people) said they had sexual intercourse 1-2 times per week and in contrast 35% (210 persons) said they had intercourse less frequently than once a week.

To the question “Do you think the country has really returned to normality”: 71.17% answered NO and 28.83% answered YES.

18.5% said that they “see light” in their finances and 54.33% said “stability.”

58.67% declare “Optimistic” about the country’s development path and 41.33% declare they are “pessimistic.”

Asked about which “politician has the more erotic personality”, 64.33% said Alexis Tsipras, while 35.67% said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Regarding the vote of the respondents in the July elections, said:

  • New Democracy 28.33%
  • SYRIZA 20.83%
  • KKE 3.17%
  • MeRA25 6.83%
  • Greek Solution 3%
  • Abstention / Cancel / White 15%
  • Other party 19.83%.

The president of the Athens Institute of Andrology Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis said that “after the elections we noticed that the sexual performance increased. Of course, seven out of ten Greeks do not believe that we have become a normal country, nor that growth has accelerated. Nevertheless, we have seen that they are more optimistic about the future, but also more erotic. ”

What is “normality,” anyway? Costantinidis gave a complicated yet scientific, a Freudian explanation.

The New Democracy has kept saying “The country is back to normality,”  however, it hasn’t bothered to explain so far.

PS Until “normality” is sufficiently explained, Greeks can do nothing more than follow their regular sexual practices as usual.

I suppose, pollsters did not ask any question such as “How sexy is the Prespes Agreement?” or “Is New Democracy stimulating?”….

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  1. Ridiculous pseudo-science. It looks like pro-ND propaganda to me.