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Population in Moria reach all-time record with 13,842 people

The population at the Reception and Identification Centre (RIC) in Moria has reached an all-time record of 13,842 people on Tuesday.The hot spot of Moria has a capacity of 3,000 people.

Refugees and migrants continue to pour in to the island from neighbouring Turkey, at a rate of more than a hundred a day.

A total of 271 foreign nationals arrived on Lesvos in the 36 hours between midnight on Sunday and noon on Tuesday, while another 80 people arrived on Chios and 135 on Samos.

Of those in the Moria hotspot, 1060 are unaccompanied or separated children seeking asylum, of which 55 are due to depart at the end of the week in a bid to relieve overcrowding in the camp.

A total of 997 asylum-seekers reached Lesvos the previous week (October 7-13), while another 490 landed on Chios and 76 on Samos, bringing the total number of migrants and refugees arriving at the islands of the northern Aegean to 1,563.

The data have been reported by the Greek state-run news agency amna.

The Greek government is determined to remove as many people as possible from Moria to facilities in the mainland, mainly vulnerable people like families with young children, disabled people and unaccompanied minors.

However, this plan seems like the Sisyphus work due to the ongoing new arrivals.

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One comment

  1. One day you bring refugees and migrants from Moria to the Mainland in Greece and the next day new arrivals come again. This madness has to stop! People have to be returned to where they belong or to some neighbouring country of origin in their own region. I feel for all the Greek People who have to deal with this.
    Countries like Germany and France together with organisations like UN/UNHCR, Amnesty Intl., Child Right, Doctors without Borders, NGO’s at Sea are the main cause of this route to Europe together with smugglers who get rich. They should better give all the millions of Euros they have on their balancesheets to these migrants to start their own new life in their own region instead of having this way an adventurous way of life by resqueing non-stop migrants every day. Most people in Europe do not want these migrants.
    All Leaders of countries where these people come from are very selfish, idle and doing nothing, but live a rich and luxery life themselves and keep their citizens stupid and poor and send everybody they like to get rid of to hell, that is an easy thing to do, like S-A is doing to with people from Somalia and Eritrea, is sending them to Europe, but Europe has nothing to do with people comming from Asia, Middle-East and Afrika.
    Why is the UN not talking to these Leaders to keep their people inside their borders and make a better life for them with work, education, healthcare and condoms to birthstop and so on instead of keeping the billions of dollars in their own pockets and live in gold and glamour?