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“Expensive heating oil protects the environment,” says ex FinMin Tsakalotos

“Expensive heating oil helps protect the environment,” SYRIZA MP and former Finance Minister, Euclid Tsakalotos said on Tuesday. Tsakalotos was trying to justify the Extra Consumption Fee on heating oil imposed by the SYRIZa government in 2015.

A truly awkward effort to justify the unjustifiable by a left-wing lawmaker who signed the third bailout agreement with the lenders.

Speaking to ANT1 TV, Tsakalotos linked the Extra Consumption Fee that skyrocketed the heating oil prices since the autumn 2015 with the impacts of the climate change.

“Expensive heating oil helps reduce its use and helps curb it the impacts of climate change,” he argued.

In another argument about the Levy, he noted that it is important for combating fuel smuggling.

It is not known whether the tens of thousands of families who have been unable to purchase heating oil due to the high prices started to throw tomatoes and other veggies to their TV screens on Tuesday morning.

On the same day, where the distribution of heating oil starts in Greece. This year, its average price is at ¢1,08 per liter and a little higher in the countryside. IT is 11% cheaper than in 2018.

PS In Tsakalotos’ sense: should the kilo price for pork chops rise to 100 euros in order to avoid slaughtering animals?

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  1. Do you think he turned down the thermostat in his house to conserve heating oil? Maybe he should try spending a couple of days with his living room at 15º C just to see how it’s like. How much mor absurd can things get?

  2. Ridiculous! They did it to increase tax revenue and it backfired because people stopped buying fuel which they couldn’t afford. As for the environment, can’t he smell the stink in the air in Athens due to people burning anything and everything to keep warm?