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Crime in Attica increased during the last three months

Crime in the Attica region has been on the rise in the last three months of 2019.  The numbers are absolutely indicative, report Greek media.

Ten robberies, 129 burglaries, 37 car thefts, nine drug cases, three gun violations, every 24 hours in the average have been recorded in the first half of 2019.,

At the same time there was a murder took place every 8 days and a rape every 7 days.

On average, the rate of solving the cases is at 40%, with the highest rate at 96.19% of drug cases and 83.72% of homicides.

Solving cases of robberies and burglaries remain low with 21.55% and 10.36% respectively.for burglaries.

The map of crime in the Attica basin over the past three months has shown further upward trends, notes daily eleftheros typos adding that this trend has caused discomfort to the political leadership of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

A new plan has been design aiming at crime prevention with more police patrols on the streets, increase of the Crime Prevention and Repression teams, more vehicles.

Patrols are to be increased especially in the night hours, police officers to be equipped with “smart” portable electronic devices for a quicker identification of fingerprints and criminals’ identification.

The Plan foresees also a “follow the money” surveillance where police will track people driving luxury cars, living in villas and are in procession of cash that cannot be justified through their professional activity – or even unemployment.

PS I will resits the temptation and won’t make a link to the police forces that rushed to movie theaters in Athens to catch minors watching the Joke.

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