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Man survives fall from 5th floor, hospitalized with minor fractures (video)

A man fell off the fifth floor of an apartment building in Galatsi suburb of Athens and survived the fall with only minor injuries.

The 45-year-old man was standing on the balcony when he fell. However, his fall was stopped on the awning of a bakery-cafe located in the ground floor of the same building.

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Footage obtained by Greek media shows how the awning gives in under the man’s weight and the bakery-cafe customers standing up from their chairs not knowing what happened.

Firefighters who rush with two trucks to the spot helped them the man down from the awning.

He was conscious. He was rushed to a hospital with an ambulance.

His life is not in danger as he suffered only fractures, media report.

The man was at home with his elderly mother when the incident occurred short before 19 o’ clock on Friday morning.

According to eyewitnesses, the man had a shop in the area. Some claimed that he stood on the balcony on his pajamas without shoes and shouted at his mother “Goodby, mama, I’m leaving,” reports.

Police has launched an investigation into the circumstances of the incident, examining also the option of a suicide.

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