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Lesvos: One-member Censorship Committee to ban theater plays with gays

The deputy mayor of Lesvos plans to establish a one-member Censorship Committee in order to hinder gays on stage of local theaters. According to local media reports, the deputy mayor, who is in charge of Culture, wants to safeguard the “good morals” on the island.

Deputy mayor, Panagiotis Tsakiris, revealed his plans during a meeting of the Municipality of Mytilene on October 30. “The lease of the Municipality Theater” was top on the agenda.

“The Department of Culture reserves the right not to grant a concession or a lease to natural persons when the object of the event violates he good morals,” Tsakiris announced.

Asked by a member of the opposition “What are good morals,” he replied ” If two homosexuals are on stage.”

Tsakiris said that he will establish a so called Preventive Censorship Committee for Theater Performances. The Committee will have one member and that is he, himself, the deputy mayor, reports local media stonisi.

Obliviously the deputy mayor on Lesvos ignores that the Greek state has recognized since 2015, s the “civil partnership contracts for couples of the same sex.”

PS Apparently the Censorship is about the personal “good morals” of the deputy mayor.

*thumbnail picture from the 2016 performance at the Municipality Theater: “Bent” by Martin Shermann. The play is around the persecution of gays in Nazi Germany.

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