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Kenya’s Komen wins 37. Authentic Marathon Race in Athens

John Kipkorir Komen from Kenya is the winner of the 37th Authentic Athens Marathon in Athens on Sunday. 42-year-old Komen managed the distance of    km in 2:16:34. The record for AthensMarathon is 2:10:37. Second to finish was Felician Mouhitira also from Kenya with 2: 16.43 and third Greek Konstantinos Gkelaouzos with 2:19:02.
Among the women. the first to finish was Eirini Petroulaki from Crete with 2:45:50.

For one more time, the Authentic Marathon of Athens broke another record of participation, with more than 60,000 runners from 105 countries in all categories.

20,000 runners were registered for the authentic distance of 42.195 km that started at 9 o’ clock in the morning in rainy weather.

The long distance race, turned unfortunate for two runners over 50 years old who suffered heat attacks. The tow men are hospitalized.

According to the ambulance service, a total of 200 people were in need of first aid, 17 runners in total had to be hospitalized.

The modern Marathon race has ancient roots and is based on the legend that ancient Greek soldier, Pheidippides, run from Marathon in East Attica, to Athens to bring the news that Greeks had won the very important victory against the invading army of Persians in 490 BC.

After making his announcement, the exhausted messenger collapsed and died. To commemorate his dramatic run, the distance of the 1896 Olympic marathon was set at 40 kilometers.


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