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Police raids anarchists’ hide out in Economic University of Athens

A raid by Greek Police in the premises of the Economic University of Athens revealed an arsenal of goods, police said that they belonged to anarchists.

Found and confiscated are : motorbike helmets, wooden sticks, gloves, hoods and full-face masks, fire extinguishers, break-in tools, anarchists pamphlets, bottles, leaflets but also pieces of marbles and stones.

The anarchists would use these items while attacking police at any given opportunity.

According to a police statement, the operation is part of several searches at buildings that have been occupied by non-academic groups and been used by them to launch attacks against police.

Such spaces are typically used for preparations and storage of materials used in the attacks, the statement added.

The rooms searched in the university have been sealed and responsibility for them turned over to the institution’s authorities.

Police said in an announcement they will “apply the law rigorously in any attempt by anyone to recapture the facilities turned over to their legal owners, following an occupation.”

The anarchists’ depot was in a part of the basement of the university, which they have under occupation for quite some time.
The police operation followed complaints by students on Skai TV.

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