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Homeless elderly accept hosting offer following Archbishop’s visit

A happy ending for the elderly homeless couple that moved the Greek society. 83-year-old Philippos and his 84-year-old wife Eleni accepted the offer by the Municipality of Athens to temporarily move to a hostel for homeless people in the city center.

Their decision to abandon their much beloved independence followed a visit by the Archbishop of Athens, Ieronymus, last Friday.

The head of the Orthodox Church in Greece promised the couple to come up for their rent, utility bills and other expenses on monthly basis. Archbishop Ieronymus will pay the expenses from his own money, media reported.

The elderly couple spent more than 40 days in the courtyard of Agios Georgios Church in Keramikos district of Athens, following eviction from the apartment they rented due to debts.

They refused the hosting offer by the social services of the Athens Municipality insisting they wanted to live in an apartment of their own.

Apparently, Archibishop Ieronymos was able to convince them about the need to stay in a shelter until they find a new home.

Last night, Philippos and Eleni moved to the municipality hotel, ANT1 TV reported on Thursday noon.

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