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Fire Service: Arson was most likely the cause of fire in Athens hotel

There are very serious indications that the fire in Athenaeum Palace Hotel on Syggrou Avenue on Thursday was caused by arson, the Fire Service has said. The fire simultaneously started at three points, state broadcaster ERT TV reported on Friday morning.

The arson suspicion is enhanced due to the findings.

According to investigators, two plastic containers with flammable liquid were recovered intact in the corridor of the second floor and another one in the first floor, where the fire is thought to have started.

The blaze seems to have started in the corridor of the first floor, possible outside a room that was damaged. “Somebody wanted that the fire spreads quickly but did not conclude the plan,” Fire Service sources told state news agency amna.

The fire started at 11:40 Thursday morning and quickly spread up to the sixth and seventh floors, setting the lives of hotel staff and guests in danger.

Fire fighters rescued 20 people, three of them were rushed to hospitals where they remain.  Two women suffered serious respiratory problems, one man had broken his leg as he was trying to flee the fire in panic.

One of the women is incubated and in serious condition.

It is not known whether the injured belonged to hotel staff or guests, the two women are foreign nationals.

Investigation continues and is conducted by the Department of Crimes against Life of the Greek police.

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