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Earthquake 4.6 R and aftershocks rattle Chania and West Crete UPD

A strong earthquake with 4.6 R magnitude and following aftershocks rattled Chania and the western Crete on Friday. The tremor of 4.6R stroke at 10:45 Friday morning.

Its epicenter being in the sea area 28 km South-West of Sfakia. Its focal depth was at 8.5 km.

The tremor was particularly felt in the Prefecture of Chania due to the relative superficial focal depth.

Approximately 15 minutes later, two aftershocks occurred with the biggest to be 3.6 R.

Short before 2 o’ clock noon, another earthquake stroke the area with 3.9 R.

Greek seismologists are reassuring saying that this fault line does not produce big earthquakes.

The earthquakes on Friday morning have nothing to do with the 6.1 R North-West of Chania last week, as they are caused on a different fault line, the seismologists said.

UPDATE Dec 7, 2019

Three consecutive tremors occurred on Saturday morning causing concern to locals.

The first earthquake occurred at 9:13 a.m. with 3.3 R. Epicenter 35km South-west of Sfakia, focal depth 5 km.

The second had a magnitude of 3.9 R with the same epicenter as the first and focal depth 7.4 km.

The third tremor had a magnitude of 2.9 R; its epicenter was located 35km South-West of Sfakia and its focal depth at 10km.

All three earthquakes jade more or less the same epicenter as the 4.6 R on Friday.

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