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Turkey demands Greek compensation for the war of 1922

The Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakisfor his statements during the international conference marking the 100th anniversary of the Pontiac Greeks’ genocide.

In a statement, Ankara claims Mitsotakis’ statements are “unfounded, false, slanderous and hostile at the expense of our history” and calls the conference “propaganda.”

Adopting the Turkish nationalists’ slogan that Greeks were thrown into the sea in 1922, the Foreign ministry writes:

“If the Greek leadership, who must not forget that it fell to the Aegean during the War of Independence, wants to come to terms with its history, it must see the conditions of the Treaty of Lausanne where Greece decided to pay compensation to the Turks for the slaughter and the atrocities they committed.”

Speaking at the Conference, Mitsotakis said among others that there is a constant effort to recognize the sacrifice of the Pontiac Greeks, that is the Pontiac Genocide.

In response to Ankara, the Greek Foreign Ministry urged Turkey said on Sunday to accept the historical facts.

“Insult is the choice of those who cannot accept their history. The permanent effort of Turkey to distort history causes sorrow and thus exposing it,” Athens said among others.

The new raw comes amid a tit for tat exchange of angry statement between Greece and Turkey over the latter’s “maritime boundaries agreement” with Libya.

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