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Rebrain Greece: Gov’t subsidizes scientists’ repatriation, wage €3000/m

ReBrain vs BrainDrain: An ambitious plan to have “brilliant brains” missing from Greece since the economic years to return to the country. Those Greeks who migrated will get jobs in Greece with a state subsidiary and will earn at least 3,000 euros per month and thus for two years. In contrast, those locals who did not leave the country when it needed them most, did not go abroad to study because their families could not afford it and have obtained their Masters at a Greek university can he happy to stick with the average salaries of 900-1,000 euros.

Labor Minister Giannis Vroutsis presented on Monday the new digital platform called “Rebrain Greece.”

Greeks living abroad willing to return and cover local labor market needs in new technologies will be registered in the platform.

Initial target of conservative New Democracy government is the “repatriation” of 500 Greeks currently working abroad.

The first pilot project they named “Greece Again” will target scientists, postgraduates of at least one year, aged 25-40, who will work as additional staff in Greek-based businesses with specific needs and emphasis on new technologies, where there is a relative shortage.

Their minimum wage is set at € 3,000, financed by the company at around 70% of the minimum wage for one year, with the employee having to keep the same wage for at least another 12 months.

At the same time, another platform will be launched at the ERGANI system of the Labor Ministry. On a Special Interest Expression Form, businesses will complete the required business-specific skills, so that the Ministry can match future employees and employers.

This action brings together private sector businesses and Greek workers abroad with the know-how, highly qualified but also European and international work experience, where in collaboration with Greek workers they will create the conditions for a higher level of pay in Greece.

PS 3,000 euros for a postgraduate with one-year working experience, with the salary subsidized from taxpayers money for 2 years?

3,000 euros per month for the “brain” who returns, but 1,000 euros per month for the local postgraduated “brain” with the same skills and age criteria and/or xx-years working experience if above 41?

The door to courts is open for those local “brains” who will certainly feel discriminated, I suppose.

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One comment

  1. oh brilliant. more of the same zombie economy. Punish, strangle, and destroy actual productive members of society with bureacracy, taxes, and arbitrary rules and restrictions… and then throw subsidies at totally unproductive elements and shout look at our prosperity!
    back when they could fill the gap with more debt they even thought that it could work that way. now theres no hiding the reality- it’s just a disgusting and parasitic monster.
    we sell the whole country into slavery to the banks, but hey look we are paying 500 mediocre ‘scientists’ a subsidized salary to do basically nothing except star in a propaganda narrative about our prosperity!

    Besides, anyone in a technical profession who left abroad and is actually any _good_ at his work, is making three or four times that 3k in another country, and paying less taxes on it, and is not so stupid as to jump back into the trap he escaped. So, only the failures and incompetents who can’t make it in the free market would even be interested in this ‘opportunity’.

    forward soviet!