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New Year swim but scientists concerned about prolonged high temperatures

Ηigh temperatures since the beginning of December are a cause of concern for Greek scientists as this prolonged “summer” in winter breaks all records in terms of its duration.  “We have lost one third of the winter,” they say and speak of a weather and climate “anomaly.” On the other …

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Europe recorded its warmest summer this year, says EU’s Copernicus Service

Europe had its warmest summer on record this year, though only by a small margin over two previous highest temperatures for June-August, European Union scientists said on Tuesday. The EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service said the average surface air temperature in June-August was close to 1.0C above the 1991-2020 average, …

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Spiders of Aitoliko on video. Scientists explain unprecedented phenomenon

Three hundred meters of lagoon shore in Aitoliko, Western Greece,  have been covered by thick spider web. Thousands or even million of spiders of the Tetragnatha species have covered palm trees, bushes and all kinds of vegetation along the shore. Just vegetation? Spiders are no picky…. Inside the web, female …

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Preliminary Conclusions on Wildfires Tragedy by Athens University

The Department of Geology and Geo-Environment and the postgraduate program “Strategies for Management of the Environment, Disasters and Crises” of the University of Athens have published a report with scientific data and preliminary conclusions regarding the fires that affected Attica on July 23rd 2018. The data are presented in a …

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Agia Theodora Church in Vasta: Religious miracle or natural wonder?

An amazing little stone church with 17 big trees and several other smaller have grown on its roof. The church of  Saint Theodora – Agia Thodora of Vasta –  considered as one of the most beautiful and most unique churches in the world, and has been registered in the Guinness …

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Greek scientists, Tassis and Tritsis, shed light on How Stars are Born

Two astronomers from Greece have managed to model the three-dimensional structure of an interstellar gas cloud, and found that it’s on the order of 10 times more spacious than it originally appeared. The 3D “map” is an important step in understanding the process of how stars are born. Greek scientists …

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