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Two Greek islands among the 26 European places ruined by overtourism

Two Greek islands are claimed to be among a 26-destinations list of European places that have been ruined by tourists in the past decade. According to a report, the iconic islands of Santorini and Mykonos in the central Aegean Sea have been victim of overtourism as more and more visitors seek the best snapshots to post on social media.

In Greece, Instagram has brought crowds to Santorini.

An Instagram favorite, there are concerns about the impact the sheer number of selfie-snapping visitors is having on locals’ quality of life, according to Greek website and free magazine Greece Is. Some locals even say that to have an authentic Greek experience you should avoid Santorini or any Greek island with an airport, as Harrison Jacobs writes for Business Insider.

Social media has also helped make Mykonos an “it” destination.

When Business Insider’s Harrison Jacobs visited Mykonos, he found his budget experience very different than it might be for a very wealthy person. But even some rich people are being turned off — as Business Insider reported, models Gigi and Bella Hadid have vowed never to return after they were robbed in 2019.

Full report about the 26 European destinations ruined by overtourism in the past decade at

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  1. What about Lefkada. It is already, or will be the same as the 2 Aegean island