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17 people die in a week as flu is sweeping across Greece

A sharp increase in the number of fatalities due to flu was recorded in a single week, with 17 people to have die in Greece from January 30 to February 6, 2020.  In the same period, another 48 people were admitted to the Intensive Care Units of the country’s hospitals.

Since the beginning of the seasonal flu in October, a total of 38 people died, the majority of them in the last couple weeks.

According to the National Public Health Organization (EODDY)gency (NSSY) by February 02, 2020, there have been 151 serious cases of influenza confirmed in laboratories. Of these, 136 were hospitalized in ICUs. Only 55 (36.4%) of these infected patients had been vaccinated for influenza.

EODDY points out that Greece is currently experiencing very high activity of flu viruses, especially of sub-types  A (H1N1) and A (H3N2). That is why EODDY experts once again emphasize the necessity of flu vaccination even at this time.

“Immunity is reached in 15 days,” they say stressing that the flu period lasts until mid-March.

Influenza is transmitted from person to person when a patient coughs, sneezes or speaks and spreads the viruses in the air.

PS a bit the flu, a bit the fear of corononavirus -although it has not reached the country – has forced more and more Greeks to wear masks not only when they visit hospitals but also in other public places, including the streets. And that’s a new.

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  1. Ah, this is becoming scary. Flu outbreaks everywhere.

  2. Billions vaccinated and still so much ‘flu.