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Greece Weather: Rain, Snow, Thunderstorms, Wind up to 9 Beaufort

A temporary but significant weather change with rain- and snowfalls, thunderstorms and powerful winds is forecast for the next couple of days, starting on Thursday, February 20, 2020. The barometric low is forecast to affect Greece until Saturday, February 22.

Rain and sporadic thunderstorms are expected in Western and Northern Greece and the islands of the Eastern Aegean from morning until Thursday noon. Locally the phenomena will be intense.

The barometric low will soon spread almost throughout the country.

Late at night the weather phenomena will be limited to eastern and southern mainland and the Aegean Sea.

Snowfalls, locally dense, will occur on the highlands of the mainland.

The forecast map below shows the cumulative amounts of precipitation (rains / thunderstorms / snowfall) until Thursday night.

Forecast for Athens and Attica

Rain and sporadic storms will also affect the prefecture of Attica and the city of Athens. The phenomena will be intense in the afternoon. Snowfall is expected on the mountains of Parnitha and Kithironas as of the evening.




Wind will be blowing with an average of 7-8 Beaufort and locally up to 9 B.

Weather Forecast Feb 20-23, 2020

Thursday, Feb 20

Friday, Feb 21

Saturday, Feb 22

Sunday, Feb 23

Weather improvement is forecast as of Sunday.

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