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Evros: Greek Army announces exercise with live ammunition on March 2

Real ammunition will be used on Monday, March 2, 2020, across the Evros river, an announcement by the Greek Army said late on Sunday.

The 4th Army Corps has announced military exercises with live ammunition at all border outposts at Kipoi and Kastanies  where thousands of migrants and refugees have amassed. The broader area of the 24-hour exercise is where also all migrants crossings are in general.

According to the announcement, guns, machine guns, rifles and pistols will be used during the military exercise with live ammunition.

Listing the specific areas where the exercise will take place, the Army warns that “movement or stay of persons, trucks and animals during shooting hours is prohibited to avoid accidents.”

“Non-exploded bullets that may be found, shod not me removed,” and the nearest police authorities should be immediately notified.”

The timing of the military exercise and thus on a Greek holiday – Clean Monday – is peculiar, but it may serve rather the  “internal consumption” and to scare off the migrants, comments news website tvxs.gr

On Sunday, Greek special police forces and army fired warning shots during patrol in the Evros area in order to deter migrants trying to cross into the country.

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  1. How to deal with invaders and these muslim soldiers invading Europe? Why they dont go to Muslim countries but are invading Christian countries instead? Send them all to Saudi Arabia and rich Kuwait.

    • It’s always nice to see such humanitarian and compassionate statements. Christ would be so proud of the venom and hatred you express.

    • Berthold Kynast

      This is also what I am asking myself, it is because they are plain and simply paid from Soros to invade Europe! It is that simple. I live in Bulgaria, here, this is seen in the same way by the people, and they are right. Only, here is no migration pressure at all.