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9. case of coronavirus in Greece: Authorities on alert, he may infected also medical staff

Greek Health Authorities announced the ninth confirmed case of coronavirus in the country on Wednesday noon. The patient is the first coronavirus in western Greece after confirmed cases in Thessaloniki and Athens.

The patient is a man currently in isolation in a designated public hospital in Patras, West Peloponnese.

According to the spokesman of the National Health Organization, Professor for Infectious Diseases Sotiris Tsiodras, the man is a Greek who had traveled to Israel and Egypt.

Health authorities are currently tracing the contacts of the man since he returned to Greece.

According to local media, the man is 67 years old and from the neighboring prefecture of Ilia. He visited Israel and Egypt, with 18 and 2 confirmed cases respectively, while on an organized “religious thematic tour.”

His health situation is “critical” and he is intubated in an isolated room.

The patient went to the hospital himself with symptoms of labored breathing on March 2.

He was reportedly admitted to the regular clinic and was not tested on coronavirus from the beginning.

It is not yet known if the man told doctors about his travel destinations.

Both Greek health authorities and the hospital are on alert as the patient was not being treated in a special isolation room but in a normal ward for patients.

He has contacted an unknown number of people both in his hometown and the hospital.

+++ 15 doctors and nurses are reportedly in quarantine, reported Mega TV on Wednesday afternoon.

A team of the National Health Organization is on the way to Patras to assess the situation.

At this stage, specialists of infectious diseases are trying to identify the people they have come in contact with the man.

At several stages of his tour, the man was in touristic buses both in Greece and abroad, and the group possible flew from the destination countries back to Greece.

A total of 53 people including a priest took part in his trip abroad, not all from his hometown. Among them was a group from Zakynthos, residents of Gastouni, Amaliada, Attica.

Upon his arrival from abroad, the man reportedly stayed in his hometown Amaliada for five days.

He is the only patient in Greece that had no connection with Italy.

Earlier on Wednesday, authorities had confirmed yet one more coronavirus case, the eight one. The patient also a man, is hospitalized with mild symptoms in Thessaloniki.

The 40-year-old mans is the husband of another confirmed case who on her part had contracted the virus from contact with patient zero.

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