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Greek Bishop “discovers” drug against coronavirus: Holy Water

Retired Greek Orthodox bishop Amvrosios presented to the faithful the “absolute” medication against the coronavirus: a small spray container full of Holy Water. This is the “eternal and indefinable” protection, he claimed.

The former Bishop of Kalavryta and Aegialia, Perloponnese, had a guest appearance last Friday, during the special pre-Easter mass service and used the chance to address believers about the coronavirus and its transmission..

He claimed that there is one medication against the COVID-19 and that this is the Holy Water.

He gave instructions about how to use it in order to be protected.

“The holy water is a medicine and saves us from everything,” he said adding that “those who drink it in faith their body and soul become clean.”

“The coronavirus is an infection of the body. I do have a drug also for the coronavirus. The Great Sanctification,” he said.

He advised the faithful to “find a bottle, fill it with holy water” and when it’s almost over to add [plain] water.

If you add water to the Holy Water, “it sanctifies,” he underlined.

“You will use it for spraying yourself, putting it in your mouth and in your hands, if you are afraid of getting sick because you touched an infected, say ‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. This is the eternal and indefinable medicine. The Great Holy Water.”

PS Greece has so far, 84 confirmed cases, authorities expect more infections in the next two months. KYRIE ELEISON – Lord have mercy upon us – especially when, by all respect, some (mis)use faith putting people’s lives at risk.

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