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KTG’s choice: Internet users make you smile in difficult times

Life has become so triste since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We, both the news readers and the news writers, need a break, even if a short one. KTG has picked up videos and pictures from social media that will make you smile. Trendy key words in times of coronavirus are, of course, #StayHome and #SocialDistancing, #SelfIsolation and #Panic_buying.

If you can’t #StayHome social distance of 2 meters is imposed. Benches in times of coronavirus

#stayHome and get to know yourself:

KTG picked them up from social media.

Panic buying? A chancellor would grab just a double toilet role, 3 bottles of wine and no pasta!

And the last two for today are dedicated to all residents of Athens who left the city for their villages and islands over the weekend despite warnings not to do so and avoid spread the coronavirus in areas with not sufficient health facilities.

PS I wonder what we would do if the internet would go down. My Plan B: I’ll smile as I’ll clean my office desk form 100s of small notice papers.

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  1. I have a funny tweet for you but its a screen shot — how do i send it?

  2. Thank you for the giggles. ….I’m so with Chancellor Merkel. I’m stuck at home with grumpy teenagers…but I have wine!