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“House isolation” tests the holy bond between Greek mothers and sons

The coronavirus pandemic brings the world as we know it upside down and even breaks a holy Greekness: the relation between overprotective Greek mothers and her sons.

A truck driver from Halkida in Evia was arrested by police in Omonia, downtown Athens, for having violated the “house isolation” ordered by the health authorities. He was fined with 5,000 euros and returned home.

Remarkable is the fact that it was his own mother who denounced him to police, allegedly concerned about his health, some media report.

The man had returned from Spain with his truck and as every arrival from abroad he was placed in house isolation.

However, he did not fell ill and decided to take a ride to the Greek capital.

His mother decided to inform the police about her son’s carelessness.

The son alleged to police that he was at odds with his mother and could not stay at home with her. According to Evia media, he claimed to police that he was forced to leave because his mother had kicked him out of home.

In another mother-son incident related to the coronavirus the argument was violent with the mother being transferred injured in the hospital.

In a village by Killeler, Central Greece, a 30-year-old son heavily beaten and injured his mother because she forbade him to get out of the house and to violate the house isolation. The 55-year-old woman is hospitalized with head injuries in Larissa, Central Greece, since Friday afternoon.

The son reportedly abandoned the inured mother behind, got on his car and left the house. He was later arrested by police.

UPDATE: The beaten woman succumbed to her injuries two days later, local media reported.

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