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Greece extends Lockdown until April 27; confirmed cases 1,673; deaths 68

Greece has extended the lockdown measures for another three weeks, until April 27, 2020, head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced during the daily briefing on Saturday evening. He warned with additional measures to restrict movement and contain coronavirus spread, if the few who keep on defying them will not comply.

Hardalias also announced that citizens will not be able to change their permanent residence neither online nor with hand-written declarations at the tax offices.

According to recent reports, some Greeks have been changing their permanent residence in order to be able to move to their villages or to the islands over the Easter days.

Movement restrictions imposed on March 23 has forbidden non-permanent residents to move to the countryside.

At the same briefing, spokesman of National Health Organization Sotiris Tsiodras announced 60 new confirmed cases, raising the total number across the country to 1,673.

55% of them are men, Tisodrias said.

Among the total cases are 343 linked to travel and 592  linked to contact with a confirmed case of infection.i

92 patients are intubated, their average age is 66. Twenty of them are women. Mopre than 70% were underlying serious health problems or were very old.

10 have been discharged from hospitals ICUs.

Nine more people died in the last hours raising the death toll to 68. Nineteen were women, and the rest were men. Average age 74.

The Head of Civil Protection announced the establishment of a psycho-social support phone line <10306>.

Referring to physical exercise and swimming for people with serious health problems, Hardalias said “citizens with serious health problems who need special exercise or swimming, children with autism or people with multiple sclerosis must have the necessary certificate with them,” if they need to exercise.

The government has forbidden swimming and threatens to further restrict movement including also “exercise” if people continue to defy the measures aiming to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

A graph by Greek infographics issued on Saturday, April 4. Geographical distribution of cases in Greek.

More on coronavirus in Greece and lockdown measures here.

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