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Grandpa fined with €150 for visiting AEK FC stadium amid lockdown

A grandpa was fined with 150 euro for visiting the football stadium of his favorite club AEK amid lockdown measures. It must have been one of the most bizarre reasons for a fine.

The elderly man left his home on Friday morning and took the bus for Nea Philadelfia suburb of western Athens. He goals was to go to the new AEK stadium and see how the construction works are proceeding.

While on the bus, police conducted lockdown controls and checked his Movement Permit and his identification papers. apparently the permit was not filled up correctly.

the officers took him out of the bus and imposed the regular fine of 150 euros, that is so much the AEK fan would pay for a one-year season ticket to watch his favorite club playing live.

Speaking to media, the elderly blamed his …wife for the technical inconvenience, claiming that she had not filled the permit correctly.

He told reporters that he will not pay the fine as he does not have the money to do so.

The news broadcast on Friday morning, touched deeply hundreds of AEK fans who started to call at the central offices asking to organize a donation appeal to get together the money for the fine.

The President of AEK FC Dimitris Melissanidis decided the the FC pays the fine and the first season ticket in the new football stadium will be issued in the name of grandpa Konstantinos Fotinos.

The grandpa reportedly broke into tears when his daughter informed him about the generous gesture of AEK to a loyal fan.

At the same time, AEK FC sent a message to grandpa saying “We Stay at Home.”

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  1. michele lavender

    Going to see how construction was going,is not a valid reason for a trip outside of home in these very dangerous virus spreading times,he puts peoples lives at risk,stupidity,incorrect filling in of the form is irrelevant,the man hasnt grasped the situation yet?