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Keep safety distance: Rules for Greece’s shops, hairdressers, cafes

Life is getting complicated especially for business owners who are allowed to open again on May 4, 2020, thus keeping safety distance among for customers in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. A new challenge for business owners who have had their facilities shut down for over a month per government order and are now eager to open again, have some cash whatever the inconvenience.

The presence of the number of customers depends on the size of the business facility and this depends again on the sector of the facility. A 2-meter safety distance among customers should be kept, workers and customers should wear a mask.

In retail shops, the guidelines are: up to 20 sq.m. 4 people, from 20 sq.m. – 100 sq.m. 4 people + 1 person / 10 sq.m. and more than 100 sq.m. 12 people + 1/15 sq.m.

Complicated? Yes.

For barbershops, hairdressers and beauty salons, a distance of 2 meters will be applied between the workplaces, the number of customers present at the same time will again depend on the size of the facilities.

Customers should seek the facility following a phone call and registration and the business owner will compile a list at the begin of the daily operation and must be shown to authorities in case of control, said deputy Development Minister Nikos Papathanasis who announced the new guidelines for shops and facilities.

Opening hours for hairdressers and beauty parlors are reportedly 07:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and 07:00 a.m.-09:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Doors and windows should be open when hairdryer is used, but when closed no hairdryer should be used, said Matina Pagoni, president of the Athens-Piraeus Doctors’ Association.

Supermarkets operate with the same customer/square meter analogy as during the lockdown.

It is reportedly recommended to refrain from using elevators in shops and if necessary for people with mobility issues only 40% of the allowed number of persons should be inside. That is if the capacity is for 10 people, only 4 are allowed to use it at a time. If the shop has rolling stairs, the use of elevator is not permitted.

Apparently the same rule should be applied to public and private buildings but it is difficult to monitor.

In cafes, bars and restaurants that are expected to open again but only their outdoors sections beginning of June, the distance between the tables must be 1.5 meters and no more than 4 people can sit at a table, media report.

Employees should wear masks and gloves and disinfectants should be at every table.

At the same time, the use of mask is in some cases mandatory and in others “strong recommended” in closed places and those violating the rule can be fined with 150 euros.

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