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Greece’s police imposes first 150-euro fines for violation of mask rules

Monday was a “mercy day” for the mandatory use of mask in Greece. But Tuesday and Wednesday, tolerance was over and the first fines were imposed: juicy 150 euros per violation.

According to a statement issued on Thursday by Greek police, a total of 38 violations regarding the use of mask and keeping the minimum safety distance were recorded on May 6.

150 euros were imposed 22 times in Attica, 5 in Central Macedonia, 5 in the North Aegean, 3 in Epirus, 1 in Western Greece, 1 on Crete, and 1 in Thessaloniki.

The use of masks is mandatory in public transport means, elevators, hospitals and other health facilities. Some of the violations on Wednesday were recorded in hospitals, media reported.

On Tuesday, May 5, a total of 66 violations were recorded and fines were imposed 42 times in Attica, 7 in Thessaly, 5 In Epirus, 4 in West Greece, 4 in Crete, 1 in Sterea and 1 in Central Macedonia.

A total of 129 violations have been written out since the start of the measure on May 4, the police statement said..

Regarding movements outside the prefecture of residence, 131 violations were ascertained throughout the country and an equal number of fines of 150 euros were imposed, as follows: 50 in Central Macedonia, 19 in Thessaloniki, 14 in Western Greece, 12 on Crete, 11 in Attica, 5 in Central Greece, 5 in Western Macedonia, 4 in Thessaly, 3 in Epirus, 3 in the Peloponnese, 2 in Western Macedonia, 2 in the Northern Aegean and one on the Ionian islands.

There were four violations related to the operation of businesses and four people were arrested.

Since the specific restrictive measure was imposed on Thursday, March 12, there has been a total of 582 violations of this type throughout Greece and 561 people have been arrested.

PS what is weird is that police does not fine people participating in gatherings but apparently only individual cases.

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