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Greece opens seasonal hotels June 15, international flights restart July 1

The tourism season in Greece begins on June 15, with the opening of seasonal hotels, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Wednesday afternoon. There will be no COVID-19 test before arrival in the country and no 14-day quarantine.

These will be random test sampling, when in the country, the prime minister added.

Seasonal hotels will open on June 15.

International flights to the country will gradually resume on July 1, also to the tourist destinations.

“Our visitors will undergo test sampling and our general health protocols will be observed, which will not overshadow, however, neither our bright sun or the natural beauty of Greece,” he stressed.

“Our weapon is the passport of security, reliability and health that our country has won. Its great fame. The health  shield, in every place of hospitality. And of course, the passion of the Greek who is always inspired by Xenios Zeus,” the Prime Minister stressed.

He announced a bridge of 24billion euros will be given to re-boost the economy after the lockdown.

The package includes measure to retain jobs, reduce taxes and supporting businesses.

In his televised address to the public Mitsotakis outlined only some key issues of the much anticipated tourism package.

See also June 15: Greece opens its gates to foreign tourists initially from 20 countries – Roadmap presented by the Tourism Minister after PM’s speech.

One by one, the minister of Finance, Labor, Development and Tourism are now making separate presentations with  details of the package to support tourism, the economy, labor and incentives to the sector professionals. Incentives include reductions in the Value Added Tax as tourism and catering professionals have asked.

Among others, VAT to be reduced from 24% currently to 13% for served coffee and non-alcoholic beverages, public transport means (urban and intercity), cinemas.

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  1. Heinz - Holger Jansen

    Let me first of all express my heartfelt Thank You and admiration to the greater Greek public for their restraint during this ongoing Pandemy. To the Government I can only say, although my political allegion lies elswhere, well done and Thank you for acting so early with the introduction of those severe restrictions.

    I returned on March 20th from a visit to my daughter in London, the whole passenger load was tested for temperature and a throat swap was made. During my 14 days of home isolation I was called on a regular basis either by the Police in Tripoli, Sparta or by 112 enquiring about my health situation.

    I felt well cared for and am happy to have decided to live my retirement out in Greece.

    Kind Regards,

    Heinz – Holger Jansen, 29 Nomia, 23070 Monemvasia, Lakonia

  2. Please can you tell me are British passport holders still not welcome. I do not wish to be rude with this request but am receiving conflicting reports. I have a flight booked on 27/28 June London Heathrow via Athens to Samos Island. It would appear that I will not be allowed???. Your definitive reply would be appreciated. Thank you.