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Thessaloniki: Police arrests woman and daughter for stabbing father to death

Police in Thessaloniki arrested a woman and her daughter and put them behind bars on Tuesday pending trial. The two have been charged for premeditated homicide in a calm mental state and violations of gun laws over the killing of the father of the family. The father, a 49-year-old taxi driver, was found stabbed to death by his son last Sunday.

The two suspects were granted time to prepare their depositions before a magistrate.

Citing police sources, media report that the 45-year-old woman and the 18-year-old daughter claimed that the victim physically abused them and sexually abused the daughter at the age of 14. Furthermore, that he had taken money that belonged to the family.

The victim was found in a pool of blood in his apartment in the district of Evosmos, in Thessaloniki, late Sunday night. The son called first his mother and then the police.

The coroner found that the victim was stabbed 21 times on the neck and the face.

The death was caused by uncontrollable bleeding as a result of injuries in the carotid and arteries. The crime is set in the early hours of Sunday morning while the victim was asleep.

The police investigation revealed that there were no traces of burglary in the apartment while one of the windows was open.

The couple had reportedly separated but kept sharing the same home and the wife is suffering from a serious health problem.

According to police, the two suspects entered the victim’s bedroom on Sunday and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife. They then tried to hide the incriminating evidence at the crime scene and also threw away the knife that was later found in a street gutter in another suburb.

The women’s lawyer told media that the wife had lived in a shelter for abused women for a while. She was not aware of her daughter’s sexual abuse by the father until Sunday.

Some local women’s organizations said that they stand by the wife and the daughter.

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