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Virus? What virus? “No Virus” when it comes to Greek fiestas

Virus? What Virus? When it comes to Greek fiestas, there is apparently “no coronavirus.” Hundreds of Greeks of all ages crowded over the weekend in two events organized by local associations. It is the first time after several months, associations are allowed to organized fests. And so they did.

Hundreds of Greeks, members of a local sports association, gathered at the big square of Aliartos to celebrate the annual party. Organizers ignored health authorities measures for safe distance and placed tables and chairs close to each other, while the crowd danced traditional dances holding hands with known and unknown people.

At least 1,300 people plus staff were at the square of 4,550 square meters.

Present were also an MP from ruling New Democracy, an MP from main opposition party SYRIZA and the mayor of Aliartos, a town in Viotia, some 105 km north of Athens.

There are media reports that organizers and the mayor initially urged the crowd to keep distance to contain the spread of the virus, but their recommendations were hardly heard or followed.

There is information that also a team of the Financial Crimes Units SDOE passed by to control that the revenues were in accordance with the receipts.

Nothing bothered the Aliartosians to enjoy their annual gathering until the early morning hours.

A similar party with hundreds of people took also place in Goudi suburb of Athens. Some 2,000 people gathered at the Park of the Greek Army for a party with live music and dance.

Organizers of both fiestas had obtained permissions by the relevant authorities.

Greece’s health experts are shocked to see the people crowding and urge authorities to re-consider the permission so such events. Summer is the time for local fiestas, anyway, mostly to honor a saint on his name day.

Microbiology professor, Alkiviadis Vatopoulos, told Skai TV, that the coronavirus is spread with droplets and even if there is only one infected among the crowd can infect hundreds of people.

This is the one Greece.

The other Greece is ‘shocked’ to hear that one or two Covid-tested tourists did not comply with the imposed self-isolation until the results were out.

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  1. It’s the same all over Greece. Here in Lesvos no fiestas, but large close gatherings everywhere and all staff wearing masks all day, night, round their necks.
    Very worrying for all of us who have worked so hard to stay safe. Especially us who are most vulnerable, with pre – existing health problems. I am afraid to go to the beach side venues. Especially at weekends. And very afraid that the covid situation will be in all Greek resorts soon.

  2. I am sure they are frustrated same as the folks in UK rushing out to the beaches,but the cocktails of Serbian influx, border over spills, untested incoming tourism, unrecorded and undisclosed numbers are all coming later…. This is serious for Mykonian and Santorinains which are very busy and narrow streets,the restaurants cannot function with the spaces…..I used to live in Mykonos, but I don’t want to see beautiful people wearing masks and dancing on bars and thongs and next to nothing gorgeous bodies!😂😂… Just doesn’t feel right.