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UPD Greece extends PCR Test to flight passengers from 5 EU countries, Promachonas entries

Greece announced on Monday that it makes mandatory a negative molecular PCR test for flight passengers from 5 EU countries as well as for all travelers entering the country from Promachonas border crossing with Bulgaria.

The decision has been taken following  recommendations by epidemiologists monitoring epidemiological data, deputy government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni said on Monday afternoon.

According to the announcement:

1. Mandatory negative molecular PCR test is requested by flight travelers from Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic.

The measure goes into force  on 17. August 2020.

The test must have been carried 72 hours prior to arrival in the country.

2. Mandatory negative molecular PCR test for all travelers entering Greece via the Promachonas border crossing with Bulgaria.

Here also 72 hours prior to entering. Tests must have carried out in the country of origin and not in Greece.

The tests is required also by Greek nationals and foreign nationals with residence permission for Greece.

Measure goes into force on 17. August 2020.

UPDATE: Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said on Tuesday, that molecular PCR test is not necessary for children up to 10 years, that is children born after 2011.

3. Travelers entering Greece from border crossing of Kakavia with Albania will be limited to 750 per day.

Measure starts on 16. August 2020.

Peloni announced also several other measures that affect also some tourist areas including some islands.

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  1. I don’t understand how having a coronavirus test 72 hours before coming to Greece will prove that you are free from it.
    All the test is doing is establishing weather you are positive or negative at the time of the test.
    You could walk past 5 people with the virus between your test, and boarding a flight to Greece.

  2. Gerrit in the Netherlands

    I understand the Greek concern, but a test doesnt prove anything.
    Taking the test in Netherlands, drive to Ancona to board the Ferry means a long time you can pick up the virus on your way to Greece

    I wil cancel my trip, and so will thousands of others since this is not only costly but undoable

    • Hi Gerrit, the nebatoive PCR-test requirements mentioned above are introduced on air borders and land borders only.
      ” by flight travelers”
      I you are planning to arrive by see, so far no new restrictions announced.


    If i travel to greece before 17 of august from spain i need a negative molecular PCR test ?

    Because I’ll arrive 14 august and i leave 31 august , can i have problems if i didn’t have a negative molecular PCR test

  4. Anyone knows why these countries (Sweden,Czech Rep.). They don’t have so many new cases during last days.

  5. I will travel to greek. Iam German, but my flight departs on Prague Airport. To Prague I go by Bus on same day of Departure.
    Do I need a Corona-Test (because i fly from Prague) or not (because Iam German amd only Transit in Chechoslovakia)?
    Thank you