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Moria camp placed under quarantine after first case of coronavirus

The refugees and migrants camp Moria on the island of Lesvos was place under quarantine on Wednesday after officials confirmed the first coronavirus case in the facility currently hosting 12,800 people.

The patient is a 40-year old recognized refugee from Somalia who developed fever on Monday and was tested positive on Tuesday night. He is currently hospitalized in Mytilene.

The man reportedly traveled to Athens on July 17. On August 21 he reportedly sought shelter in Alimos suburb of south Athens and on August 27 he went on board of a ferry and returned to the island safter he realized he cannot liv ein the Greek capital. He was staying in a tent outside the camp facility. It looks as if the man was issued an “exit decision” from the Moria camp, as the Greek government had cut accommodation and other provisions to recognized refugees.

A team of experts from the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) are trying to trace the people he had contacted with. Furthermore, health authorities investigate whether the man contracted Covid-19 while in Athens, or when he returned to Moria camp.

The man has underlying health issues, local media report.

The Reception and Identification Center in Moria has been immediately placed in quarantine for a total of 14 days.

For the period until September 15, entry and exit from the facility is explicitly prohibited, while the police will have an enhanced presence at the site, in order to comply with the 24-hour traffic ban.

Only security personnel will be allowed to enter the camp and thus after a temperature measurement.

It should be recalled that the VIAL Reception and Identification Center on the island of Chios was placed under quarantine last month, when several people were tested positive to coronavirus. Patient ‘zero’ was a staff member who had returned from vacations on a Cyclades island.

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